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LCD panel industry in China 2010-2015 investment
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LCD panel and LCD display has very close relationship, the output of LCD panels, the merits of other factors linked to the LCD monitor their quality, price and market trends. LCD panel production to cover the multi-disciplinary, multi-domain knowledge of the process, including semiconductor, physics, chemistry, electronics, machinery, ipad leather cases, optics, color science, thermal and so on.

recent years, the global LCD panel industry in the LCD TV, LCD monitors, mobile phones, driven by downstream demand, maintain a stable development trend. The global LCD industry has always been by Samsung, LGD, Sharp, AUO, Chi Mei five giant control, Japan, Korea, China Taiwan to mainland China in the past has been limited to industrial policy does not allow local enterprises to invest in the mainland China-generation LCD panel production line. China¡¯s LCD panel industry is facing a technical block, without their own high-generation production lines, large-size LCD panels can only rely on imports. China has now obtained the opportunity to break through this blockade. Since 2008,200mw red laser, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Guangdong provinces, from north to south, women watches, and foreign giant LCD LCD panel is set off a wave of investment projects, in 2009,q8 watch phone, becoming China TFT-LCD panel industry breakthrough in years. High-generation LCD panel production line program focuses on the introduction, with a total investment of more than 2,000 billion yuan, to gradually become the Chinese mainland after Japan and South Korea Taiwan LCD panel industry, an important pole.

fiery contrast with the investment is affected by the global financial crisis, continued weakness in consumer demand, Home Spy Cameras Multi-function Remote Control Motion Detection Spy Alarm Clock, China¡¯s IT products in the crisis also affected, notebook computers, LCD TVs and LCD monitors and other terminal Products marked decline in output growth, leading to large-size TFT-LCD panel market growth rate also appeared significant decline. In 2008 China¡¯s large size TFT-LCD panel sales reached 215 million ,flower girls dress, representing growth of 20.7% in 2007, down from 30.1% in 2007, the high growth rate.

However, with the consumer electronics market continues to expand, the current application areas of LCD panels is also expanding, in addition to LCD TV, PC / laptop, cell phone outside the three main application areas, laser pointer astronomy, navigation equipment, SLR cameras and digital photo frame into the emerging small and medium-size LCD panel applications.

2009, the State Council promulgated the . National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice, since 2009, organizing the implementation of color TV industry for three consecutive years the strategic transformation of industrial projects, for six to eight generations of LCD panels, iphone in ear headset, modules, supporting materials, manufacturing and testing equipment to give discount support. At the same time, the Chinese government started to invest 4 trillion yuan in the China¡¯s water resources have been waiting for the LCD panel industry, ushered in the spring. The next three years, the Mainland of China plans to build 6-7 eighth-generation TFT-LCD production lines, about the world¡¯s new-generation LCD panel production line one-third of the number.

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