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CMI Showcases Diverse Applications with Cutting Edge Display and Touch Technology
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August 28, 2012, Jhunan, Taiwan¡µContinuing the concept ¡°Display Technology Connecting to The Future¡± that Chimei-Innolux presented at SID Display Week 2012, Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI) showcases a series of ¡°high-resolution/ high-performance¡±, ¡°wide-view-angle¡± and ¡°narrow border¡± mobile displays and wide-view touch integrated displays (6.5-inch and 8-inch) for vehicle use with latest display technology at Touch Taiwan 2012.

5-inch Full HD LCD modules with high resolution (443ppi)
CMI is devoted to technology innovation and makes a breakthrough on small and medium sized displays. Based on AAS (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) display technology, CMI develops 5-inch Full HD LCD modules that meet the market trend and requirements for future smart phone.

At Touch Taiwan 2012, CMI showcases the 5-inch Full HD LCD module with 1080x1920 resolutions and 443 ppi. The 5-inch Full HD LCD module features ¡°high resolution¡±, ¡°narrow border¡± and ¡°thin cell¡±, which delivers higher flexibility of smart phone industrial design.

Mass Production Ready TRUEOLED Displays in Ultra High Resolution and Sharper Image Quality in Nature Color, Low Power Consumption and Wide View Angle
Other OLED displays in the market currently adopt to pentile and SPR(sub-pixel rendering) image technology in order to deliver high-resolution like visual effects. CMI showcases the 3.4-inch and 4.3-inch high resolution TRUEOLED displays at 326 ppi that utilize top emission white OLED. These true and high resolution panels can be ready for mass production without utilizing precision mask for EL deposition that can provide advantages of simple production process, low cost and high yield.

Its white OLED design is less power-consuming than conventional design when the user is browsing a website with white background. With a very wide view angle, the panel still emits 80% of vertical luminance even at 45¡ã of viewing angle, comparing to current market only 40% of vertical luminance at a 45-degree viewing angle.

TODTM Solution Increases Flexibility in ID Design without Adding Thickness to the Original Panel
¡°Thin and robustness panel¡± and ¡°increasing flexibility in ID design are the most important criteria to smart phone manufacturers. CMI has developed TODTM solution offering a slim and robust display module with touch function for mobile devices. Smart phone fashion trend of 2.5D or 3D cover lens can be applied by this touch architecture.

CMI has demonstrated capabilities to cover the whole design and manufacturing flow covering touch integrated display, algorithm and window lamination.

Compared to conventional touch design, CMI TODTM solution is to add touch sensor on LCD panel after panel thinning process. It is thinning, with total thickness reduced down to 0.5 mm. CMI TODTM solution is true multi touch with better sensitivity that can be applied to all display technology.

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